about us

Central Dermatology is a collaborative skin care and treatment practice which brings together six Malaysian dermatologists who share a collective vision of providing professional, incisive and empathetic medical care.

As one of Malaysia’s most ethnically and multiculturally diverse dermatology practices, Central Dermatology was founded with the objective of giving patients access to the best dermatological care, by doctors who are fluent in all major languages and dialects of the country, as we believe the ability to converse in a language familiar to a patient assists in proper diagnosis and improves treatment outcomes. 

Our clinic is designed to be a safe-space for all ages, genders and sexual orientations, a place free of prejudice and partiality. Our ultimate goal is to ensure education, care and treatment to under-served communities and marginalized groups.

our founding principles

The founding partners of Central Dermatology set out to inspire patient and public trust by providing treatment of the highest calibre, driven by our commitment to medical excellence. As a collective, our partners care greatly for the health and well-being of patients, and seek to provide the best clinical dermatology care. 

We Focus On

World-class dermatological care and management.

Alleviation of physical, emotional and psychological pain.

Adoption of best treatment options derived from research and education.

Adoption of best treatment options derived from research and education.

our services

Central Dermatology offers a comprehensive suite of dermatology services based on the collective expertise of our six partners. As we strive to become the centre of skin excellence in Malaysia, we are able to treat a wide variety of skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema, acne, hives, skin infections, excessive sweating, scar treatment and pigmentary disorders.

hair, scalp & nail disorders

lumps and bumps

Pigmentary disorders

Sexually transmitted infections

Paediatric dermatology

Skin Surgery & Procedures

Cosmetic & Aesthetic Procedures

meet our specialists

Our Specialist

Our six partners are all Board-certified and registered dermatologists. Dato’ Dr Zalmy Azizan is the past President of Persatuan Dermatologi Malaysia, and a qualified consultant dermatologist since 2004. Drs Benji Teoh, How and Teeba are exco members of Persatuan Dermatologi Malaysia, while Dr Dawn Ambrose was formerly the head of department in Hospital Ampang. Dr Meera has been both a lecturer and clinician at UITM.

Each dermatologist is a respected expert in their individual fields. Leveraging on each specialist’s depth of experience, we work cohesively to design a comprehensive evidence-based treatment approach to solve complex and challenging dermatology conditions.

skin hub

Welcome to our education and outreach hub, designed to be a repository for the collective knowledge of our six partners. Here you will find two sections, one for the public, and another for peers and professionals.

Patient Education

The doctors of Central Dermatology believe strongly in helping the public understand the importance of consulting with trained professionals when it comes to skin health. This section will feature patient-centric information designed to educate and raise awareness about various skin issues.

Peers and Professionals

Shared knowledge and peer-led learning is important to the development of Malaysia as a center of Southeast Asian dermatological excellence. In this section, dermatologists, general practitioners, family medicine specialists, and other members of the medical and pharmaceutical fraternity will have access to papers published by our dermatologists, as well as presentations, links to past webinars, and other professional information.

frequently asked questions

In the service of public health education, we have compiled some of the more common questions asked by patients about skin care, cleansing routines, procedures, and other dermatology-related matters.